We were supposed to be at the Sheraton Anchorage but Alaska Railroad overbooked. The Sheraton found us a room at the Hilton. Two taxi rides (one paid for by Sheraton) and two hours later, we had a room. It was 4am Alaska time, 8am Eastern time. The look on our faces captures our feelings about both the bears and the adventures so far. Good night!
July 16, 2021
Karen and Rodney’s itineraries took them to Seattle and put them on the same flight to Anchorage. Theresa’s flight landed in Anchorage just 2 hours later. Karen and Rodney found some fun ways to kill time at the Anchorage airport, including being kissed by two moose.
July 17, 2021
One of Theresa’s former students recommended 49th State Brewing. Turns out, we could see it from our hotel window. We were there when they opened and had lunch with a view! We enjoyed Blonde Eagle Ale (with hints of honey, malt, and fruit) and a yak-a-dilla (think quesadilla with yak meat).
After lunch, we walked around downtown Anchorage, saw the log cabin visitors’ center, quaint shops, tourist traps, fun statues, and lots of flowers. We took an Uber to Dimond Center Mall where the Anchorage Market is set up in the back parking lot. Indigenous art, crafts, tourist trinkets, and food were abundant.
Theresa bought a bracelet from a local artist who gave us recommendations for what to do in Homer. Then we took another Uber to Bear Tooth Theatre Pub. Uber ride #3 took us back to our original hotel. The folks at Sheraton have been extra accommodating. They had early check-in for us and our rooms were connecting. Way to go Sheraton!
July 18, 2021
We planned our trip to include a 5-day tour with the Alaska Railroad. And what a great train to ride in! We were in a car with big Windows that go all the way up, a beverage bar, and an open platform in the back for leaning out and getting photos without any glass. It did not disappoint as we headed to Talkeetna on the first day.
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