Day 4 - We said goodbye to Lisboa and hello to Évora. We went over the Golden Gate Bridge (not the one in San Francisco) and saw the Cristo Rei (not the Cristo Redentor in Brazil) and the 1747 aqueduct (the real one in Lisboa) that survived the earthquake.
We dropped off our luggage at the 5-star luxury hotel that was our lodging for the night and then went on a walking tour through Évora, a quaint town with a rich history as far back as 57BC.
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Highlights included Sao Joao Evangelista Church, founded in 1485; Roman temple ruins and a Roman cistern; Sé Catedral de Évora with an ancient organ, the oldest still active in Portugal, dated from circa 1544; Igreja de São Francisco, the largest church in town with a big cloister and the Chapel of Bones; and a wonderful lunch with many members of the group at a patio restaurant.
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Some of our group went to see "Stonehenge of Portugal" in the afternoon. 
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Then we met at the hotel for "Buddy Introductions", followed by dinner and some evening exploring on our own.
Rodney's recap of Évora
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