Travelin' Trio
What do Texas, Colorado,
and Maine have in common?
They are each home to a member of the Travelin' Trio. These three friends have journeyed together all over Europe, around New Zealand into Australia, through parts of Canada, and around many US states. 
Plane, train, automobile... yacht, Segway, subway... hostel, hotel, guest room... photography, food, fun. They love the adventure, culture, history, and beauty of every place they have the privilege to visit.
Rick Steves Tour
"Best of Germany, Austria & Switzerland" 
Luxembourg and the Floriade Expo in Almere, Netherlands
"Taste of Alaska" 
Railroad Trip
Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
Rick Steves Tour
"Heart of Portugal" 
Barcelona, Spain
Sydney, Australia
for New Year's Eve
New Zealand's South Island
Glacier National Park
The Canadian Rockies
(Travelin' Trio Plus 1)
Alpine Countries 2022 Alaska 2021 Portugal 2019 Australia 2017/2018 Glacier 2015
Amtrak 2023
Amtrak Trip from Washington to Wisconsin
a Fall Photography Workshop in Colorado
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Rick Steves Tour
"Best of Scandanavia in 14 Days" 
Helsinki, Finland and
Tallinn, Estonia
Scandanavia 2024
Rick Steves Tour
"Best of Central Europe
in 15 Days"
Central Europe 2024